I've been making images for most of my life. Some have been for clients and commercial purposes, most are for myself, exploring subject matter that I find compelling. I draw as much as I can and find that direct observation and even exploratory, intuitive drawing teaches me about my surroundings and interests.

This website contains a very small sampling of the works I have have created over my years of practicing making images. I'm motivated by different subjects and topics and approaches. To make images always the same way would be very boring and I like to do things that I'm not entirely sure I can. I like to break from what is easy to do. I don't think one can make work that is interesting to anyone if they aren't interested or excited about it. I like to be challenged by my choices.

I hope you enjoy visiting. Send me a message if you have any questions or are curious to know anything about me or my work. I'd love to hear from you.